I was listening to a radio interview with Jay Rosen, who’s a media critic for the New Yorker.  He was talking about how the blogosphere and Web 2.0 has changed journalism, and he brought up one of the more interesting developments in journalism–Talking Points Memo winning the presitigious Polk Award in journalism for its coverage of the U.S. Attorney’s scandal.  Josh Marshall, who runs the site, used TPM to organize a cooperative effort between himself and his readers to read through the thousands of DOJ emails to uncover evidence of unlawful firing.  The scandal led to the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, who authorized the firings.

The TPM story is a great example of what Jay Rosen calls “open source journalism”–inviting the community to work together to break a news story.  When it comes to sifting through lots of emails, a bunch of reporters are better than one.  So score one for cloud computing in 21st century journalism.